• Fixed several problems with pkgdown setting.

  • Roxygen updated to 7.2.0 and some man pages are updated accordingly.

  • Minor fixes to errors in CRAN checks.
  • Minor fixes to the DESCRIPTION file and examples.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug in set_sem_layout(). Failed to work with models in which all factors have the same number of indicators.


  • Reformatted the help sections of the functions (wrap the text for readability). This has no impact on uses and the generated help files.
  • Added change_node_label() for changing the labels of nodes. Several other functions were modified to adapt for this function.

  • Added to_list_of_lists() for converting a named vector to a list of lists. Specifying a list of lists is necessary in some cases because the a label may not be string (e.g., it may be an expression). However, in most cases, all elements are strings or numbers and so a named vector will do. This function is to be used internally by other functions, not to be used by users.

  • Fix a bug in set_cfa_layout(). It now will not raise an error for one-factor models.

  • Fix some typo errors in documentation pages.

  • Import the pipe operator from magrittr so users no need to load the package themselves.
  • Update the documentation of mark_sig() and mark_se() to emphasize that currently they require a lavaan output.
  • Used pkgdown to build a site. The first draft, with minimal customization.
  • Alpha release. Ready for testing.