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Print the output of cond_indirect_diff().


# S3 method for cond_indirect_diff
print(x, digits = 3, pvalue = FALSE, pvalue_digits = 3, se = FALSE, ...)



The output of cond_indirect_diff().


The number of decimal places in the printout.


Logical. If TRUE, asymmetric p-value based on bootstrapping will be printed if available. Default is FALSE.


Number of decimal places to display for the p-value. Default is 3.


Logical. If TRUE and confidence intervals are available, the standard errors of the estimates are also printed. They are simply the standard deviations of the bootstrap estimates or Monte Carlo simulated values, depending on the method used to form the confidence intervals.


Optional arguments. Ignored.


It returns x invisibly. Called for its side effect.


The print method of the cond_indirect_diff-class object.

If bootstrapping confidence interval was requested, this method has the option to print a p-value computed by the method presented in Asparouhov and Muthén (2021). Note that this p-value is asymmetric bootstrap p-value based on the distribution of the bootstrap estimates. It is not computed based on the distribution under the null hypothesis.

For a p-value of a, it means that a 100(1 - a)% bootstrapping confidence interval will have one of its limits equal to 0. A confidence interval with a higher confidence level will include zero, while a confidence interval with a lower confidence level will exclude zero.


Asparouhov, A., & Muthén, B. (2021). Bootstrap p-value computation. Retrieved from