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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with index_plot() when the extracted column has no names. (

semfindr 0.1.8

CRAN release: 2024-04-08


  • Updated the two tests for nonconvergence. Will check against results generated by directly calling lavaan functions. (

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with listwise deletion in lavaan_rerun(). (

  • Fixed a bug with index_plot() when the extracted column has no names. (

semfindr 0.1.6

CRAN release: 2023-11-12

New Features

  • Added index_plot() for generating an index plot for an arbitrary statistic. (

  • Added user_change_raw() for computing case influence on user statistics. (


  • Fixed typos in the article on multiple-group models. (
  • Fixed pars_id(). Users can now use the internal lavaan group labels (e.g., ".g2", ".g3") to denote parameters in a group. This method is not recommended (noted in the help page) but is included as an option. (
  • Fixed an error at CRAN check due to suggested packages not installed. (
  • Use lavaan::lavCor() to estimate means and correlations for Mahalanobis distance when missing data is present. The package norm2 is no longer needed nor suggested. (
  • Made plot functions to work with NAs. (
  • Updated (
  • Finalized 0.1.6. (0.1.6)

semfindr 0.1.5

CRAN release: 2023-06-19

New Features


  • Fixed the pkgdown site. (
  • approx_check() will check if the model has at least one equality constraint. (
  • Added a “Limitations” section to the vignette of the approximate approach. (
  • Fixed the documentation of pars_id(). (
  • Added an article for multiple-group models. (
  • Restructured articles and references in the pgkdown websites. (
  • In print.lavaan_rerun(), keep the format of lavaan warnings. (
  • Remark that fit_measures_change_approx() only supports selected fit measures. (
  • Add cutoff_change and largest_change to est_change_gcd_plot(). (
  • Updated a few tests on parameters which are fixed in the model but their standardized versions are free. (
  • Updated vignettes and articles with links to the package website. (
  • Updated all vignettes for the new print methods. (

semfindr 0.1.4

CRAN release: 2023-02-17

  • Added DOI of Pek and MacCallum in the DESCRIPTION. (
  • Added approx_check() to check whether the input object is supported by the approximate method. (
  • Added est_change_plot() and est_change_gcd_plot(), diagnostic plots for casewise influence on parameter estimates. (
  • Diagnostic plot functions revised to allow users to fully control elements drawn. (
  • Fixed typos and grammatical mistakes in help pages and vignettes. (
  • Fixed an invalid URI in a vignette (casewise_scores). (0.1.3)
  • Added the documentation for the return value of pars_id_to_lorg(). (0.1.4)

semfindr 0.1.1

  • First public release.
  • Added skip_all_checks to lavaan_rerun(), allowing users to experiment lavaan_rerun() and other functions on models not officially supported.
  • Revised est_change() and est_change_raw() to support the use of operators (e.g., ~, =~) to select parameters.
  • Added badges and R CMD Check Action.
  • Updated est_change(), est_change_raw() and est_change_approx() to support models with labelled parameters. (
  • Added pars_id() and pars_id_to_lorg() for converting parameter specification to identification numbers ( positions in the vector of coefficients or row numbers in the parameter tables). (
  • Updated est_change_* functions to use pars_id() and pars_id_to_lorg(). (
  • Modified lavaan_rerun() to use lavaan::lavaan() instead of update() as the default way to rerun. (
  • Updated some of the tests. (
  • Added more examples. (
  • Updated documentation (e.g., README and DESCRIPTION). (
  • Updated influence_stat() and the plot functions to support the approximate approach. (
  • Updated documentation.

semfindr 0.1.0

  • Added more vignettes.

  • lavaan_rerun() can accept an output with inadmissible estimates. Disabled by default. Can be enabled by setting allow_inadmissible to TRUE.

semfindr 0.0.4

semfindr 0.0.3

  • Used lavaan::update() in lavaan_rerun. This is more reliable than recreating the call.

  • Added implied_scores(). It supports only single-group path analysis models for now.

semfindr 0.0.2

  • First internal testing release.