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New Features

  • Added the argument exclude_xy_cov and exclude_feedback to get_add() and model_set(), for excluding paths that create feedback loops, and covariances involving a predictor and an outcome variable (including those linked by indirect paths). Default values has been changed to TRUE since To reproduce results from previous version, set them to FALSE. (,

  • Added min_bpp_labelled to model_graph(), to hide the labels of models with small BPPs. (

  • Added the argument drop_equivalent_models, to model_set(). If TRUE, the default, the models fitted will be checked for equivalence. If two or more more models are equivalent, only one of them will be retained. The groups of equivalent models identified, and the models dropped, will be printed by the print method. (

  • Added measurement_invariance_models(), for generating metric and scalar invariance models and their partial invariance versions. ( -


  • Because it is very likely that users would like to see come fit measures along with BPPs, the default of more_fit_measures of the print method of model_set-class object changed to c("cfi", "rmseas"). (

  • Revised fit_many() to support multigroup models. (

  • A progress bar can be displayed when model_set() is identifying nested models. (

Bug Fixes

  • The must_not_add argument should work now for some parameters that may not be recognized as interchangeable. (

  • Fixed a bug in must_not_drop and must_drop of get_drop(). They should work properly now. (

  • Fixed a bug in model_graph(). Short names should now be properly constructed. (

  • Fixed some bugs in print.model_set() about the printing of additional fit measures. (,

  • Fixed a bug in checking whether two models are equivalent. (

modelbpp 0.1.3

CRAN release: 2024-02-20

New Features


  • Updated model_set() to work with user-supplied models. These models are supplied as parameter tables through the argument partables. (
  • Updated the print-method of model_set-class objects. Users can set the prior probabilities of one or more models of their choice. (
  • Added a c-method for partables-class and model_set-class objects. For the ease of adding user models when calling model_set(). (
  • Users can supplied a named list of fitted models (lavaan-class objects) to model_set() through the argument sem_out. (
  • The print method of model_set() supports printing additional fit measures available from lavaan::fitMeasures(). Check the argument more_fit_measures. (
  • The print method of model_set() support printing short model names, which can be used to interpret the output of model_graph(). (,
  • Updated model_graph() to determine nested relation using the method by Bentler and Satorra (2010). This can be done only if fixed.x is set to FALSE. (,
  • A progress bar can be shown by model_graph() if nested relations need to be determined. (


  • Updated model_graph() to plot user-supplied models. (
  • Updated model_graph() with new options. If drop_redundant_direct_paths is TRUE (default), redundant direct paths will be removed.
  • Models differ by more than one df will now be connected in model_graph(). (
  • New arguments are added to model_graph() to label arrows by model df differences (see label_arrow_by_df), and weight arrow widths by model df differences (see weight_arrows_by_df). (


  • Added more functions to manipulate a partables-class object. (
  • Added a few helper functions for partables-class objects. (,
  • The models generating progress can display a progress bar. (,,
  • Users can request model_graph() to use short names in the graph, if they are created and stored by model_set(). (,


  • Updated info related to the first CRAN release (
  • Added a logo.
  • Suppress the warning from lavaan::modificationIndices() about equality constraints. (
  • Updated unique_models() to handle user-supplied models. (
  • Duplicated models with identical parameter tables will be removed by model_set(). (
  • Improved the text in the print method of partables. (
  • model_set() will check whether the sum of user-supplied prior probabilities is less than 1. (
  • Updated the print method of model_set objects to print original model dfs. (
  • When calling fit_many(), can set the model with whichfit_many() will compute model df difference. (
  • Reorganized some test files. (
  • Improved the speed in identifying identical parameter tables. (,
  • Revised several functions to handle nonconvergence. (
  • Revised the print method for model_set-class object to print models that failed the past.check of lavaan. (

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which error occurs in model_set() if no paths are dropped or no paths are added. (
  • Corrected a typo in the help page of gen_models()’s argument, output.
  • Fixed a bug in normalizing the width of arrows. (

modelbpp 0.1.2

CRAN release: 2023-09-21

  • First version submitted to CRAN.
  • Fixed a few typos in Get Started. (
  • Used a bibliography file in vignettes. (
  • Disabled parallel processing in a test. (
  • Fixed typos in (
  • Used tinytest for tests. ( -
  • Simplified some examples. (
  • Pregenerated some figures (
  • Finalized to 0.1.2.